Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Matt's 8 Birthday!

Day 20!!!! 
Celebrate Birthday!  

With Matt's wish coming up so soon we decided to do a small birthday this year and a big half birthday.  We went to Chuck E Cheese with Matt's best friend and her sister.  
Matt and Jeremiah 
In good form we of course forgot the lighter.  
Matt got over 600 tickets with the help of Jeremiah. 
Opening presents! 

After Chuck E Cheese we went to Laser Tag with Jeremiah and Ally.  Matt loves laser tag,  We also played a round of glow golf.  It was a bad idea.  It was loud Matt was tired from the day and it was one big melt down.  

Overall it was a good birthday.  Matt had a blast.  Birthdays are full of mixed emotions.  So thankful for another year with my wonderful son, but still so worried about the future.  

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