Saturday, January 2, 2016

28 days....

Today we worked on our autograph book!  Of course that meant shopping!  We found lots of cute stickers and paper to give us lots of options and use later on memories from our trip! 

We got home and started working! 
Our top three designs 

We choose pirate Mickey with the yellow and striped background 

This is how it turned out once everything was glued in place. 
Side view.  We decided on 50 pages.  One autograph per page and on the opposite side will hold a picture with the character. 
Finished product after getting spiral bound. Matt decided he wanted our tree up until after his birthday. It will be "christmas" at our house for another week. 

After making our autograph book, We did todays countdown. 
Write a letter to a Disney Character. 
Matt of course choose Miles from Tomorrowland.  His favorite character who sadly will not be at Disney.  :-( 
Ready to mail.  

Over all it was a good day!  The trip is getting closer and closer.  I won the harry potter autograph book last night.  Matt is of course happy.  

I also started a last minute diet to try to loose some of the holiday weight before having my photo taken over and over again.  

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