Wednesday, January 13, 2016


19 days!  
Make Disney Brownies.  We did this a day late.  I was hoping to skip this one un-noticed.   Between dieting and having cookies in the house brownies did not seem like a good idea.  
Matt did not let it slip by so we did it the next day.
I can't figure out how to turn this right side up.  They turned out cute and were some of the best brownies I have ever had.  I used the salted caramel mix I have in the house.  I made them in a 9x13 hoping since it would be thinner it would be easier to cut the shape out.  
Once I took them out of the oven I didn't let them cool long enough and they fell apart when I tried to flip them.  I put the pieces on the silicone mat and used the mush to make the mickeys.  It made 5 mickeys. 

 I let them cool frosted them and put mini chocolate chips.  
Seriously delicious!  Matt ate the entire brownie which is not his normal for him. 

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