Monday, September 9, 2013

Two Weeks Later...

Matt started school two weeks ago. So I have a lot of catching up to do!  I have so many posts I want to go back and write and hopefully this week I will get a chance to do it.

School has changed a lot of things, mainly  our bedtime. We used like to stay up late and wake up late, I miss those days.  Now Matthew is asleep by eight and I With not going to bed at eight and our mornings start early. 

Matthew is adjusting much better than I am.  Having  Matt gone four hours a day has been a big adjustment for me.  Today seems a little easier than this last two weeks so hopefully this is the turning point.  I have still been a mamaratizi, taking way too many pictures I have a picture of everything that has gone to school.  (let's be honest probably at least 20 a day) 

The weekends mean a lot more now.  This weekend Matt went to SeaWorld two days in a row.  On Saturday I had a baby shower to go to so Matt's Nurse came and took him to Sea World.  They had an excellent time.   Matt really lpves his new nurse! Sunday Kevin  took the  day off and he wanted to go SeaWorld so we went again as a family. 

As always I am eagerly awaiting fall's arrival!   Cooler days means much more outdoor time, I know when it gets cooler it will be much harder to share my days with school.