Thursday, May 27, 2010

June 8

June 8, less than 2 weeks away now is when Matt goes back to the Autism Community Network for testing. I am very anxious about this, I am excited for them to see his progress.. .boy has be progressed but nervous about what they are going to say. I don't think Matt will be dx with Autism , he has just made so much progress, but I can't imagine not having a PDD dx, he still has so many issues. Sensory issues, communication issues, issues with change, etc. Last year I really couldn't have imagined how far Matt could improve in a year but I still feel like Matt will never be truly normal. He is just different.

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Better Time

I have really missed blogging, so I am back and I will try to keep it updated. So much has happened. Matt has made major improvements! He can repeat 2 word and can count to 10 (with some prompting). He still doesn't have very much spontaneous speech but his improvements are amazing!
Matt will have his follow up analyzes at the Autism Community Network on June 8th. I can't wait, I am not as nervous as last time but I am so anxious to see what they have to say. I am also excited for them to see his progress. I know they will be excited. It is amazing to see what can be done with early intervention.
This week I have been wicked sick, it has put a damper on everything, and even though it is just a sickness it has made me sadder than I have been since my infertile days. I haven't been able to talk or even play with Matty and it has made me feel like a failure.
Since I am sick I will say good night for now, but I will try to post tomorrow. Now it is time to go find some new active blogs, I don't even know where I fit in in the blog worlds anymore.