Friday, March 5, 2010

Morgan's Wonderland

Today we got to visit Morgan's Wonderland. Not all of the attractions are open yet, but we had an awesome time and I felt very privileged to get to go. I went this morning because I am going to volunteer and they said it was a slow day today so I asked if I could make a reservation and come back with my son so I could explore and they said of course.
It was nice it was slow, Matt has really regressed socially and if there had been a lot of people I think it would have taken him even longer to warm up. Even today with minimal people there he was still scared of the people he did see and would back him self away or put himself in a corner.

The Carousel - this thing is awesome, even the benches go up and down and there is an animal that is cut in half so wheel chairs can be rolled in between and they also get to go up and down and around.
Matt didn't care too much for it, he would sit next to me on the bench but was scared of the horse, the crew was very nice they told me we could ride a few times so I could try to get him used to it. We rode once on the bench then I tried to move him to a horse thinking if he got on he would like it, about a second after they turned it on he started shaking and freaked out so I took him off and we sat on the bench the rest of the ride.

This is the water play area, Matt loved the water guns, the water area has so many levers and buttons and they all do different things. This will be really nice on hot days.

This is all different areas of the play structures. Everything was so neat about it... I can't even go into all of the details. All of the walk ways on the play structure were big enough for a wheel chair and they had this really neat area that sways. Matt loved it!

This is the music garden. Matt had a blast, he ended up losing interest when people came over and started chatting, but I know as he grows he will really love this area.

The Warf - Was awesome! There is a beautiful lake in the middle of Morgan's Wonderland, completely fenced in. Since Matt is a runner this is the closest he has been to a lake since he regressed. He loved to look at the water and we was amazed to see a duck so close. The lake is really amazing... there is no other lake I know of that is completely fenced in so, so many children like Matt don't get to experience nature like this. It was mine and Matt's favorite part of the day. If it isn't enough we got to out on the warf it also had awesome water cannons that even Matt was able to turn on because it goes with just a push button and it had electric boats.

There is so much more there that we didn't get to see, I am looking forward to going back again soon. Hopefully since Matt has been once and had fun, in the future when we go again and there are more people he will remember the fun and not be so reluctant.

Sorry the picture quality is so bad, I left my SD card in my laptop so I had to take pictures with my phone.