Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween started out at McDonald's. We met Angie's parents there so they could see the kids.

Taking Ally's lead it was the first time he climbed all the way to the top. He really loved it. It was a little scary for me. Not the height part, but there were many times that I couldn't see him in the jungle gym which was terrifying. I like to keep a constant eye on him. He is a runner and I really don't trust other people.

After McDonald's we went home for a while to rest and make dinner. After dinner we went trick or treating.

Notice "nurse" Angie putting Ally in the car seat.

Look at our little trick-or-treaters.

This was at our local fire station. They were trying to creep Matt out with an unattached hand and arm that moved but Matt wasn't phased.

Trick or treating was over all a disappointment. We walked 4 blocks and we only found 3 houses giving out candy. All three houses had long lines because there were many trick or treaters and so few houses. At one house the lady ran out of candy right before Ally and Matty. As we ushered the kids away they were screaming very angry that they didn't get candy.

Even though he didn't make out with very much candy he was still exhausted and fell asleep early. Hopefully he will remember it as a good Halloween.