Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Halloween started out at McDonald's. We met Angie's parents there so they could see the kids.

Taking Ally's lead it was the first time he climbed all the way to the top. He really loved it. It was a little scary for me. Not the height part, but there were many times that I couldn't see him in the jungle gym which was terrifying. I like to keep a constant eye on him. He is a runner and I really don't trust other people.

After McDonald's we went home for a while to rest and make dinner. After dinner we went trick or treating.

Notice "nurse" Angie putting Ally in the car seat.

Look at our little trick-or-treaters.

This was at our local fire station. They were trying to creep Matt out with an unattached hand and arm that moved but Matt wasn't phased.

Trick or treating was over all a disappointment. We walked 4 blocks and we only found 3 houses giving out candy. All three houses had long lines because there were many trick or treaters and so few houses. At one house the lady ran out of candy right before Ally and Matty. As we ushered the kids away they were screaming very angry that they didn't get candy.

Even though he didn't make out with very much candy he was still exhausted and fell asleep early. Hopefully he will remember it as a good Halloween.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I don't have my camera, I left it at my best friends house so I can't give pictures of the park or the pumpkin so I won't even mention those yet.

Happy Halloween!
Don't you just love Halloween? The excitement in the air is wonderful. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the Christmas season but Christmas day is always sad because it mean the season is over, no more Christmas tree, no more Christmas cheer, no more Christmas shopping or wrapping presents. Halloween on the other hand doesn't really have a lot of hype and the actual day is always more fun than anything leading up to it.

Last night we went to ZooBoo. It was so much fun!
When we got the the zoo it was packed and we had to walk really far. I wasn't sure how I felt about it because I really wasn't expecting that many people I really thought about turning around and going home. Once we got in and bought out tickets we really had a blast. Both of the kids had so much fun. The games were fun, the trick or treating was fun. Over all it was a great night. Since it was really busy we didn't get to spend all our tickets which is disappointing.

Fishing at the zoo... I think you might get kicked out any other night for this.

My little basket ball player.

Enjoying candy. He ate way to many suckers.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween fun continues

First, last night the class was not very beneficial. The class was at an elementary and most of the parents there were of elementary kids. This class is supposed to be for parents of kids under 4 with special needs. Most of the people didn't have children with special needs and most children were not under 4. Even the information that was tought was not geared to children with special needs. They just through special needs sentences in everyonce in a while. To top it all off we were in an elematary libary in little kids chairs... not a comfortable way to spend 2 hours. I don't know if I will be going back.

We tried melatonin last night but we didn't get the results we were hoping for. Matt slept less than 9 hours and still woke up countless times. He did take a nap today for the first time in 3 days. Hopefully it will be a good night.

On the plans for tonight. Matt is watching the Wiggles to wake up from his nap, than he will eat his monster brains with cooked monster eyeballs and blood. (spaghetti with meat balls) Sprinkled on top is monster dandruff (Parmesan cheese)
Than we are going to go to the park and play on the play ground. On the way home we are going to stop at the store and get our pumpkin so we can carve our jack-o-lantern. It will be Matt's first. I can't wait! I will post pics tomorrow of the terror....

Matt last October.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Precious Minds, New Connections

Tonight we are starting the Precious Minds, New Connections (PMNC) class. Last year we took this class for general children under 5. This time we are taking the special needs version. In the past few months I have been looking back at my notes for my first class and all of them seem irrelevant for what we are facing. Milestones are not the same - nothing is the same.

I am really looking forward to taking the class. I am looking forward to talking to other parents facing the same thing. I hope there are some other parents who are facing autism. I would love to know how they are handling the challenges.

Right now our biggest thing is sleep. Matt is just not sleeping, he even seems to be cutting out naps. Less than 8 hours of sleep a night isn't enough. Especially when those eight hours are compacted by countless night awakenings. I am so tired all of the time. There are just some things you can not do when your child is awake so after Matt goes to bed I am still awake trying to get things done. That is leaving me with such a little amount of sleep. I am just so tired.

I will leave with some pictures since everyone loves pictures.

Matt - at the Corn Maize

Cookies we made for Matt's therapist.

Matt's lunch today - getting in the Halloween spirit.