Thursday, January 14, 2016

17... 16....

We are now caught up and I can't believe that in two weeks from tomorrow my Aunt arrives and Matt will be having his send off party!  


I forgot to have Matt pull the numbers. 

Watch Star Wars was yesterdays and today's was Mickey mouse pancakes. 

Matt thought they were delicious! 

After dinner we sat down to watch Star Wars episode 2.  It didn't hold Matt's attention long so I didn't finish it. 

Saddened by the world losing Alan Rickman.  Tonight it was hard not to watch Harry Potter instead.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

18 days to go!

Day 18! 
Play Legos! 
Between Matt's birthday and Christmas Matt got 4 new sets of Bionicles.  We put them together and of course Matt wanted to battle.  
Two completed sets, I don't have a picture of the two smaller ones that Matt kept calling their minions!  too funny!  

Today is actually day 17, We didn't actually do the activity today.  It is watch a star wars movie.  I asked it Matt wanted to go to the theater but he wants to watch one of them here.  I worked tonight so we will be doing this tomorrow.  


19 days!  
Make Disney Brownies.  We did this a day late.  I was hoping to skip this one un-noticed.   Between dieting and having cookies in the house brownies did not seem like a good idea.  
Matt did not let it slip by so we did it the next day.
I can't figure out how to turn this right side up.  They turned out cute and were some of the best brownies I have ever had.  I used the salted caramel mix I have in the house.  I made them in a 9x13 hoping since it would be thinner it would be easier to cut the shape out.  
Once I took them out of the oven I didn't let them cool long enough and they fell apart when I tried to flip them.  I put the pieces on the silicone mat and used the mush to make the mickeys.  It made 5 mickeys. 

 I let them cool frosted them and put mini chocolate chips.  
Seriously delicious!  Matt ate the entire brownie which is not his normal for him. 

Matt's 8 Birthday!

Day 20!!!! 
Celebrate Birthday!  

With Matt's wish coming up so soon we decided to do a small birthday this year and a big half birthday.  We went to Chuck E Cheese with Matt's best friend and her sister.  
Matt and Jeremiah 
In good form we of course forgot the lighter.  
Matt got over 600 tickets with the help of Jeremiah. 
Opening presents! 

After Chuck E Cheese we went to Laser Tag with Jeremiah and Ally.  Matt loves laser tag,  We also played a round of glow golf.  It was a bad idea.  It was loud Matt was tired from the day and it was one big melt down.  

Overall it was a good birthday.  Matt had a blast.  Birthdays are full of mixed emotions.  So thankful for another year with my wonderful son, but still so worried about the future.  


21 Days! 3 Weeks to go!!!! 
Watch youtube videos on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  
Matt is so excited about the Harry Potter world.  I really hope he enjoys it and isn't disappointed.    
He can't wait to get a wand and do magic! 

We got the pre-arrival letter from Give Kids the World!  So exciting!!!!! 
Matt wanted cookies for his birthday instead of a cake.  He wanted Ninja turtle cookies but the shape didn't work out, so instead we did Mickey Mouse! 
Sprinkle crazy!  

Helpful hint to anyone who does sugar cookies instead of a cake, put the candle in when the cookies are still soft and just leave the candle in overnight. 

Matt's Birthday is in one more day!!!!!!!  I can't believe he is going to be 8!

Friday, January 8, 2016

22 days till Disney; 2 days till birthday!

Day 22, Three weeks from today will be Matt's send off party!!!!!  It's coming so soon!

Sort pins for trading. 

I ordered 25 pins on ebay for trading.  I think I might order 25 more just to make sure we have enough.  Any thoughts? 
These are the pins Matt wants to keep.  I was surprised by his choices.   He does have a fondness to chip and dale so I wasn't surprised he kept that one. 

Sunday is Matt's birthday!  We are looking forward to that too! 


We took the pictures first thing in the morning.  I love his facial expression. The one with the activity on it was worse.  
Today's activity was Go to Artic Ape our favorite frozen yogurt shop and play Disney guess who.  Since I am working on losing holiday weight I gave him a choice of going to buy Disney guess who. 

We found Disney Guess who, but he really wanted Yo-Kai Watch Monopoly.  I stretched and since he watches Yo-Kai Watch on Disney XD we are going to count it as a Disney game. 
We played one round and then had to move onto our busy day. 

Every other Thursday we meet with our homeschool group.  We just started a sign language class and this year we have been doing a great lego class.